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Important Changes to the Motorcharge Program

WEX is always looking for better ways to service our most valued customers and offer a better experience. To achieve this, from 1 October 2023, we will be moving all Motorcharge customers  to our leading WEX Motorpass Program at no extra cost, and closing down our Motorcharge Program.

In the coming weeks, all customers will receive a welcome pack which will include their new WEX Motorpass fuel card, account details and instructions on how to create your online account. There will be no changes to the fees and charges. Customers will continue to enjoy all the existing benefits, plus gain access to additional services that WEX offers:

Use your WEX Motorpass card at over 6,000 fuel stations

WEX Motorpass is one of Australia's most widely accepted cards for fuel and vehicle related expenses. Use your card at 6,000+ locations on essentials like servicing, tyres and roadside assist.

Gain access to better reporting

Log into our Online Service Centre to access fully itemised statements that will show you odometer readings, litres purchased and fuel consumption. The statements are Australian Tax Office compliant so you don’t need to keep transaction receipts.

Apply more flexible card controls

Flexible options to restrict and control card usage for employees. You get to decide whether your card is used for fuel and oil only, all vehicle expenses, or all products.

Download the WEX Motorpass Apps

Download the WEX Motorpass Driver App to find the cheapest and closest participating fuel locations along your trip. Our intelligent app can even plan the ideal route for long trips to give you the best fuel price throughout your journey. Download the WEX Motorpass Account Holder App to manage your business fuel card(s) and accounts all from the palm of your hand with the WEX Motorpass app

By providing customers access to the WEX Motorpass Program, WEX will no longer be supporting the Motorcharge Program from 1 October 2023. WEX Fuel Cards Australia Ltd will be assigning its rights under the existing Motorcharge Card Terms & Conditions to WEX Australia Pty Ltd. Your existing rights and obligations under the Motorcharge Card Terms & Conditions will remain the same.

For more information about these changes, please click here

Where can you find out more information about the benefits of the WEX Motorpass Program?

For more information on all of the Motorpass Card benefits visit www.motorpass.com.au

Who do you call if you have any questions?

If you have questions about your account please contact our Customer Service Team via enquiries@wexaustralia.com or call 1300 130 062

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