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WEX are no longer offering Motorcharge to new customers

As part of an internal business review WEX has decided to focus on the WEX Motorpass fuel card brand. As a result, we are no longer offering the Motorcharge fuel card to new customers. You will not be able to apply for a Motorcharge fuel card.

If you are interested in a fuel card for your business that could save you time and money, our WEX Motorpass fuel card is available.

Motorpass Card Image v2

The WEX Motorpass fuel card provides similar benefits to the Motorcharge fuel card. These benefits include:


  • Accepted at over 93% of service stations making it one of Australia’s most widely accepted fuel cards


  • Odometer readings, litres purchased & fuel consumption shown on one statement
  • Flexible options to restrict & control card usage for employees


  • Fully itemised statements with separate GST & non-GST items
  • Australian Tax Office compliant statements – no need to keep receipts


  • Wide range of partner benefits & discounts

To find out more visit motorpass.com.au or call us on 1300 722 525

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