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Motorcharge Truck and Van Roadside Response

Motorcharge Truck & Van Roadside Response is an emergency assistance program designed specifically for trucks and light commercial vehicles.

One call to our hotline on 1300 190 979 offers you support, security and immediate help.

  • Immediate response 24/7
    Motorcharge Truck & Van Roadside Response is available to you 24 hours a day, operating 7 days a week right across Australia.

  • Access is FREE
    Access to this program is FREE with your Motorcharge Diesel or Daimler Motorcharge Diesel card.

    You only pay if you use the service - just a $55 service fee after assistance is requested. The cost of any repairs or services that are arranged on your behalf will be identified before any costs are incurred.
  • A dedicated call centre
    Our call centre is dedicated to the transport sector and focused on servicing the on-road needs of Australia's heavy and light commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Sophisticated mapping software
    Geographic mapping software enables our operators to quickly locate the nearest and most suitable service provider, who is alerted and mobilised as required.
  • A comprehensive database of mechanics
    Our database contains over 10,000 entries covering all types of service providers around the country - from mechanics, auto electricians and tow operators to locksmiths, tyres and battery suppliers.

Built up over many years of service to the transport sector, these suppliers offer excellent customer service, often in remote locations and at inconvenient times.

Find out how to take advantage of this program by calling 1300 130 062.

See details of the Motorcharge Truck and Van Roadside response Program (PDF)

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