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Email Exception Alerts

Motorcharge Email Exception Alerts make managing your account easier than ever before.

You can choose to have Email Exception Reports for one or more cards on your account. For a small fee of $1.10 per card per month, simply tell us what spending you want to know about - and then leave the rest to us. 

We'll notify you of spending exceptions that have occurred on your account from transactions processed the previous day. 

You can be alerted when one or more of the following transactions occur: 

  • Transactions on weekends
    Transactions between 12.00am Saturday until 11.59pm Sunday.

  • Odometer missing
    Transactions that do not have an odometer reading recorded at the point of sale.

  • Odometer incorrect
    Transactions where the odometer reading provided is not reasonably correct. For example:

    • Odometer reading provided is less than the previous reading.
    • Odometer reading is over 10,000 km and has a variance greater than 5% from the previous reading.
    • Average kilometres travelled since the previous reading is greater than 2,000 km per day (for more than one day).
  • Transaction volume limit exceeded
    Transactions where the volume (litres) exceeds a nominated limit. For example, if your account has a set transaction volume of 60 litres, any transaction which exceeds 60 litres will be reported.

  • Transaction value limit exceeded
    Any transactions where the value (amount) exceeds a nominated limit.

    For example, if your account has the transaction value set at $80, any transaction which exceeds $80 will be reported.

  • Daily volume limit exceeded
    The combined volume (litres) of all fuel transactions for any card/vehicle in a day that exceed a nominated limit.

  • Daily value limit exceeded
    The combined value (amount) of all transactions for any card/vehicle in a day that exceeds a nominated limit.

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